Cold Turkey 4.1
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Cold Turkey 4.1

Free Enhance your productivity by blocking unwanted websites
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Schedule breaks and improve your personal productivity. Manage and block applications, websites and browsers not to get distracted from your work. Customize this list of blocked resources, domains, specific URLs, and keywords. Read motivational quotes as well.

Cold Turkey offers a convenient and reliable solution to increase your productivity at work, or when working on an important project. As we're all mere humans, prone to temptations and blunder, procrastination is an issue that we often face. Even worse is that we often forget that solving this issue can be done quite easily: just remove the distractions that cause you to procrastinate. That's it. That's exactly what Cold Turkey does, and that's also why it's so effective. Cold Turkey is a cool application that blocks the access to websites, applications, and games on a pre-defined schedule, so that they won't distract you while you're working.

Cold Turkey is really easy-to-use. It lets you quickly create multiple customizable block lists that you can activate as you see fit. They can contain both websites and apps, and exceptions can also be added with ease. Every block list can have a different schedule (the so-called “timer”), so you can use different ones depending on what you're doing. The intuitive interface allows even complete beginners to use this program without any problem at all. more

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  • Easy-to-use
  • Reasonable price
  • Allows organizing the blocked websites in groups


  • The free version allows blocking only websites, not apps


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